The team from Conception Marketing recently visited our client Impregnation Services Limited at their premises in Ashton-under-Lyne for a regular marketing meeting. During this visit, we sat down with Justin Benson, Managing Director of Impregnation Services, and spoke about his history at the company, and how work undertaken by Conception Marketing has helped grow the business.


Tell us about Impregnation Services Limited; what services do you provide? What sectors do you serve?

My wife and I bought Impregnation Services about 14 years ago now and we love it! We’ve been absolutely bowled over by the industry. Impregnation Services itself goes back to 1964, and we believe now it’s better than it’s ever been. We provide services to the automotive sector, and to a lot of valve manufacturers in the North West. We impregnate with acrylic resin virtually any porous substrate, but mainly aluminium, bronze,  cast irons, so mostly cast metals, but the reality is, we can impregnate anything if it’s porous. Come and see us!

Impregnation Services Limited provides an expert vacuum impregnation service to a range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, oil & gas, and marine. What do you think sets Impregnation Services Limited apart from its competition?

That’s simple… and, it’s not me!  It’s the team here at ISL who are the key. We focus on the customer experience. We communicate well, we impregnate well, and we work swiftly to give the best solution possible to all our customers.  Perfect.

Impregnation has recently designed and developed new equipment to bolster its pressure testing service operations. How will this investment in your pressure testing capabilities benefit your customers?

We’ve always needed to support our customers by offering some pressure testing, primarily to prove our process of course, and save unnecessary transport and re-work cost. Over the years we have built our reputation and now support a small number of customers with pressure testing outside of our core Impregnation offering. We realised recently that we can work cleverer, and so we have made a few investments in kit that allows us to automate parts of the testing process and, therefore, work faster. Everybody wins this way! We are also able to quickly develop tooling for testing, so this is an offering that we hope to expand more over time.

ISL has worked with Conception for over 10 years now. How have you seen the industry change in this time? How has Conception’s work helped cement Impregnation Services Limited as a leading casting impregnation service provider?

Yes, we were first introduced to Conception in 2009 through what was the Manufacturing Institute in Manchester. Rachael and I had taken over Impregnation Services just as 2008 unfolded so we needed all the help we could get, so we were a perfect match for Conception. Initially the help centred around website development and branding, but over the years we have come to rely on them for pretty much all of our Marketing activities.

You’ve been the managing director of Impregnation Services Limited for 15 years. What drove the decision to work with Conception Marketing to help you grow your business?

We actually run two separate businesses on the site here in Ashton-under-Lyne and had started to wonder if there was a marketing job that we could bring in-house as a shared resource. We shared those thoughts with Conception, and they soon came up with a better model. We upgraded our systems so that Conception now works as part of the team here, fielding and making calls, developing campaigns, and introducing new products. They work remotely most of the time, but the new model ensures that we all sit down as a team at least once a month face to face to plan and review Marketing activities. This way, we get access to the whole team at Conception with all their various specialisms, and don’t have to rely on 1 resource that may not be expert in all marketing fields. We are 6 months into this new way of working and are starting to see clear results, so this really feels like a win-win.


If you are looking for an expert casting impregnation and pressure testing service, our client Impregnation Services Limited can assist you! With nearly 60 years’ experience under their belt, they provide speedy and quality vacuum impregnation services to a range of sectors including automotive, oil and gas, marine, and aerospace. Visit their website today to learn more about them: and get in touch with them here.

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