Porosity is your problem and our client Impregnation Services Limited has the solution!

Casting is one of the fastest and most cost-effective methods of making high volumes of components, especially in nonferrous metals such as aluminium, zinc, or magnesium. Manufacturers utilise casting to produce a range of products, including engine blocks, heat sinks, fittings, brackets, and many more used in the industrial and commercial sectors. However, cast parts are susceptible to porosity, small voids, pockets, or pathways of air within the metal which significantly jeopardises the component quality and functionality.

Porosity is a known phenomenon in the casting process, especially when casting aluminium and magnesium parts. The result from a recent survey shows that 65% of people are concerned about porosity within their die casting during the manufacturing process. Porosity may be a result of shrinkage, when areas within a casting cool at different rates, gas porosity, when air bubbles form inside the cooling metal, pouring defects, where the liquid metal does not fill the mould in the desired way, and metallurgical defects caused by the casting cooling. Further, porosity can also be caused by insecurities within the mould itself.

If porosity is your problem, our client Impregnation Services Limited has the solution. Impregnation Services is the industry expert in vacuum impregnation, which can recover your failed and porous castings and seal them for life. Impregnation Services provides vacuum and vacuum pressure impregnation services using industry leading thermos curing polyfunctional methacrylate resins. Additionally, porosity sealing your castings is more cost effective than discarding the failed part, melting it down, and recasting the metal, whilst extending the running life of your casting.

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