This month marks a significant milestone for Conception Marketing as we celebrate 20 years in business. The occasion also marks 20 years servicing the manufacturing and engineering sectors.

Managing Director, Carole Myers, founded Conception in May 2002, with a team of 10, mainly female staff , with a vision of creating a marketing consultancy that specialises in delivering full-service marketing support to SMEs in the manufacturing and engineering industries. The company mission is centred around helping businesses grow through strategic marketing activity and it offers a comprehensive range of services from traditional marketing such as exhibitions and lead generation, to digital services including website development, SEO, Google Ads, social media and email marketing.

Over the years Conception has partnered with a portfolio of clients who have supplied products and services to major projects across the UK and internationally. Significant client contracts to date include supplying tunnel linings to the London Underground, precision machined components to Boeing aircraft and LED lighting on international rail projects.

In the last two decades Conception has witnessed many major challenges and developments in the manufacturing sector. Technological advancements such as the advent of 3D printing, advanced 4-axis machining and automation in production are just some of the significant developments over the years. More recently, Industry 4.0 has revolutionised the manufacturing process – with the introduction of robotics, the implementation of AI across supply chains, operations, logistics and product development.

Conception has remained adaptive to the ever-changing manufacturing landscape, helping customers to grow in emerging markets and expand their product and service offering. Staying one step ahead of marketing techniques and driving digital activity has been vital to Conception’s success. The now all-female team boasts experience in all areas of marketing, both locally and globally, delivering results-driven marketing services alongside in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing and engineering sectors.

When asked about the significance of the 20-year milestone, Carole Myers, Managing Director at Conception commented:

“There have been many changes since 2002, but I think the most significant one has been the digitisation of marketing for the engineering sector. Of course, there are still face to face sales people but online marketing has made so much more possible, cost-effectively.  It’s also great to be at the twenty year mark when there is so much optimism in the British engineering sector, seeing it on the up is truly rewarding, when it’s been an underdog for so long!”

Looking to the future, Carole said “The pandemic has brought about change that will be long lasting, especially moving lagging companies to use online tools and even more advanced businesses to hybrid working.  Of course, there is a resource shortage and we hope that we can at least fill part of the commercial gap with our outsourced marketing offering. This will prove to be cost-effective to the manufacturing sector and will give direct access to expertise without the hassle of managing it in-house.  With this in mind, we are expecting to continue our growth trajectory and increase our team from 10 to 15 over the next 12 months.”

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