As a business, it is crucial to have a website. But just having a website is not enough; it needs to be modern, functional, secure, and bring in prospects. In 2023, being a part of the online world is no longer an option but a necessity, as many businesses won’t survive without an online presence. Trust us, if you’re not online, your competitors will be. But being online is not enough, you need to do it well!

So, let us ask you a few questions and show you why you should consider a new website:


  1. Is your website mobile compatible? – In 2023, everyone is on their phone. Nearly 70% of customers shop or research online. It is important to ensure your website is 100% functional on mobile.


  1. Do you receive leads through your website? – Does your website show consumers what you sell, loud and clear? Are you being straightforward about your USPs, values, products or equipment, current shop floor capacity, expertise? If you’re selling a new service or product, have you promoted it? A well-built website is a wonderful communication tool!


  1. Is your website secure? – When people go on your website, can they see a lock icon next to your website’s URL. It is extremely important that your website is secure so that people can safely navigate it. In 2023 this is a must have! It is important to keep track of security updates and changes. We can do that for you.


  1. Do you have calls to action? – So you’ve got someone to visit your website, now what? What is your business’s goal? Do you want people to call you or email you? Can your website visitors see clearly how to reach you or get in contact with you? It is important that people don’t feel lost or out of place when visiting your website. A clear call to action can guide visitors to where you want them to be or to act the way you want them to act.


  1. Can you be found on Google? – Manufacturing is an extremely competitive sector. When looking for keywords that relate to your business, can people find your website? Or can they find your competitors? It is important to have plans in place for your website to rank high on Google search engines, so that new customers can easily find you.


For manufacturing and engineering businesses, a website is an important tool which, when used correctly, can bring many benefits to a company. More and more buyers, customers and competitors are doing business digitally; you need to stay ahead of your competition with a strong, well optimised website.

At Conception Marketing we are digital marketing specialists and experts in website design and build for manufacturing and engineering businesses.

We have a team of creative designers and technical developers that deliver professional, dynamic, compelling websites.

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What our current clients have to say about our website design and digital marketing services:


“What impressed me most about Conception Marketing was the team’s immediate understanding of our objectives and what AML stands for. We are a technology led, people focussed company, born out of innovation. The team at Conception has been extremely proactive and innovative in supporting our vision for growth in all areas of the marketing activity they undertake. They designed and built our website and continuously produce relevant, creative content for both our website and social media. This has resulted in consistent valuable website visitors and AML now boasts over 3,500 LinkedIn followers. Conception feels like a valuable extension of the AML team.” – Dr Gareth Morgan, Managing Director


“Conception has been instrumental in building a presence online for Northpoint. The team’s proactive approach means that we always have new technical pieces and case studies on the website, and new images and videos to share on our LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. Conception feels like an extension of our team, providing ongoing sales and marketing support.” – Tony Holt, Director


Conception’s SEO work on our website and the digital marketing campaigns they run for Orbital have made a significant difference to our business. We’ve seen a steady increase in enquiries and quote requests from the website which has led to substantial growth – keeping all the team at Orbital extremely busy!” – David Richards, Sales & Marketing Manager