14th September 2016

International Marketing

Conception Marketing has a team of multi-lingual business and marketing experts to support your international marketing and business development requirements.

As a specialist consultancy, Conception Marketing have experience in International Marketing and are on hand to advise you on your business growth and the potential to expand into profitable overseas markets.

Our market entry specialists will ensure that your diversification or geographical expansion is supported by insight and evidence. This is done by co-coordinating and undertaking a market development research study and making strategic recommendations as to the feasibility of penetrating your chosen market and the most effective route to market.

Once Conception Marketing have initially researched your international market (which we believe is critical to formulating an entry strategy into a new country) and if it is concluded that there is success for your business growth outside the UK, Conception’s international expertise can provide support with:

  • Market development research
  • Market entry strategies
  • International marketing activity planning
  • Exhibitions
  • Multi-lingual websites and communications material
  • Digital and online marketing

For more information on how Conception Marketing can help your business grow through international marketing and market development, please contact us at info@theconception.co.uk or call us on 0161 875 2480.