Why is email marketing important for manufacturers?

In the past, email marketing campaigns were very generic and even may have even gone into your junk. Now, customers expect relevant and insightful content that engages them.

If you manage your email marketing effectively, then it will help your company connect with customers and provide them with a relevant experience. It can be a powerful tool for building relationships with customers.


How email marketing can support manufacturers to communicate effectively

Building new relationships

The key benefit of email marketing is to enable manufacturers to not only develop relationships but maintain them by keeping at the forefront of the customer’s minds. Once your prospect has expressed interest and opted into subscribing emails, you have the perfect tool to keep sowing seeds about who you are, your capabilities and services.

Maintaining existing

It may be that you don’t speak to all your customers, all the time. Email marketing is a quick, low cost tool to keep customers informed about you. It can also be used as a cross selling tool where appropriate. The key is to think of it as keeping in touch, not a one-off thing.

Top tips to consider


  1. Tailoring content

Creating content which is relevant to your customers means they are more likely to spend more time reading your content. If you have developed content which answers their potential question ‘how can these help me’ then that is the first step in your conversation. In addition to this, you could look at segmenting your database making it easier in the long run to tailor content.

  1. Add a Call to Action to your emails

Adding a call to action to your emails adds value. It also acts as prompt – you can encourage your prospect/customer to take the next step. For example – what do you want them to do after reading your email? Adding links to relevant landing pages/pages on your website encourages a customer journey. You may want to encourage them to email, phone or complete a form. Another solution could be to try and solve their problems like adding a ‘how to video’.

All these call to actions can be tracked, giving you greater transparency when analysing the effectiveness of a campaign.

  1. Define your goals

The goals of email marketing should always support the wider objectives of the business. For example, your email strategy should enhance the business reputation in the market by connecting with customers/prospects in the right way. The goals need to be measurable and always working towards business growth.


  1. Using an email platform

An effective way to send emails out is through a specific email marketing platform such as MailChimp or Constant Contact. These platforms can provide you with access to tracking which gives you greater control over the campaign.


To summarise

Email marketing is integral to nurturing leads and generating ROI. If managed effectively, it is a low cost marketing strategy and is a reliable way to increase brand awareness, generate sales and provide an engaging way to communicate





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