Top Tips for B2B Content Marketing

B2B Content Marketing

The sales process can often take a few months of nurturing and turning your prospects into customers, can indeed be a challenge, when thinking about getting them across the final hurdle.

How do you look to influence, engage, nurture and convert your prospects and what is the best route forward for your business?

The answer is simple – create content that is king – it harnesses all the power. There are a wide range of strategies to consider. Here are some top tips.

According to HubSpot’s State of Inbound 2018 report, generating traffic and leads is the top marketing challenge for 61% of survey respondents – well over half – and ranks as the top marketing challenge for businesses across every region: North America, Australia and New Zealand, South East Asia, Latin America and Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

1. Search Engine Optimisation
Whatever your prospects are searching for online, you need to ensure your business comes up high in search engine results! SEO is a great way to position yourself in front of your prospects. The skills is to use key words which a relevant to your industry with low competition and high search volumes. You could also include white papers, e books, fact sheets, downloadable pdfs etc – this will all help you align with google’s algorithms which essentially means, when you have relevant content your prospects are searching for, google will push you to the forefront and they will then go to your site. They are most likely to be searching for information about services or products, need help or need to discuss a problem.

2. Content is king!
Creating blog content is the second most important priority for B2B companies. Here is an overview of how to shape content that matters.

Make sure it’s:

  • Topical
  • High-quality
  • Original

3. Tailor it!
Know your audience and tailor content around them. Content that is relevant and engaging, means the avenues of communication are opened with ease.
Create diversity in your marketing content. Your prospects have unique requirements, so make sure your content comes in multiple formats. Your buyers are also at varying stages in the buyer journey—make sure you have content that speaks to each stage, so you can engage with them more effectlvely.

4. Power up on your presentation
Make sure that everything is easy to read, there are no typos, images are rendered correctly and everything loads quickly. People can become disengaged quickly if there is not a smooth interaction. For example, a blog must load quickly and be optimized to present the content first and interactive elements last.

5. Adding value
This is the tricky part is how you create added value without coming across as self promotional. It’s important to produce that is informative! Maybe you could talk about. It needs to inspire the reader who will then make more of a connection with you, rather than you talking about the great services you offer.

6. Video
Video marketing (a form of content marketing) is also rapidly on the rise and being utilised by a number of B2B companies to build interest and generate leads.
According to a recent study by LinkedIn, the majority of B2B marketers now view video as the most important and creative content format around. 62% of survey respondents said that video helps them to build brand awareness,

It can be interesting, educational and valuable. It can help share key messages, keep prospects engaged as well as reflect your company and expertise and enable the sales process.

7. Social media
Social media is not just for consumer marketing. It offers a way to be conversational in a relaxed manner and promote content that enhances your products and services.

It is really beneficial to share information across a variety of channels such as Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook and it can help to generate qualified leads.

They are an ideal channel for top-of-the-funnel awareness — for instance, you might promote a downloadable ebook to capture quality leads with an initial offer.

Ensure you optimise your social media profiles for website lead generation (include a link to your website and other ways to get in touch) and make sure you regularly post on these platforms.

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