The Importance of Social Media for a SME

B2B Social Media Marketing

Having a good social media presence can be a fantastic tool to help with search engine optimisation and increasing brand awareness for your company.  It is important to use a variety of social media outlets, particularly LinkedIn, You Tube and Twitter for companies with visual, engaging content to promote.

Social media should be part of a wider integrated marketing strategy and can complement other   marketing activities, in particular public relations activity. With many industry publications having their own social media accounts, when your business is featured in their publication, it is great to amplify this achievement by promoting the article on your own social media accounts and tag the publication in your posts –  which in turn will broaden your audience. Followers of the publication, who are not followers of your social media accounts may come across the article and hopefully land on your page.


The good thing about social media to a SME is that it is low risk, low cost and should not be too time consuming. Social media gives your business a personal touch, providing a rare opportunity to ‘be real’ and engage directly with clients and potential clients. Social media outlets provide an opportunity to speak to your customers informally, and in turn, create relationships.

For SMEs, social media also provides a good platform to promote future events, trade shows or exhibitions. For example, with an exhibition coming up, on the lead up to the event creating Tweets and utilising the exhibition’s hashtags on other social media platforms gives people interested in the event awareness of your brand.

What and when to post?

Think of social media as your local pub when your new to the area. You have just moved to the town, and you want to promote your business –  you would not open the door of your local pub and scream about your business on the top of your lungs passing around business cards. You would take your time, sit and chat with the locals, get to know them, and subtlety let them know about yourself and what you do. In the hope, that without the force, people would then call upon you, and recommend you to friends.

The same applies to social media, we recommend finding a balance of posting business, industry and personal news. Constantly creating posts promoting your business can be off putting to followers and will not add value. The best way to create a strong social media presence is promote your company indirectly, this could mean sharing interesting industry related news articles and utilising the hashtag. Getting involved in real-time trending threads will in turn stimulate click throughs to your site. Commenting on conversations will also help build up a following.

Social media also helps your SEO (search engine optimisation). Creating a greater presence on the web by uploading keyword rich blogs on your website and sharing these through social media will help improve your search engine rankings: i.e. get your company website higher up on peoples’ google searches.

Social media tips:

  • Do not worry too much about the number of followers you have, having 500 engaged followers is more important than having 5,000 uninterested followers who have only followed your page to win a competition.
  • Only post if the picture, content or video is interesting, informative or entertaining. If not, do not post it, post something else.
  • Do not disappear: you do not want your followers to forget you, so posting regularly is important.
  • Think about timing: You should publish your post on times when your audience are likely to see your post, choosing the best days, and best time of day. Remembering always, it is quality over quantity.
  • Customer Service is key: if someone is to post negatively about your product or service, always respond politely as a negative response can spiral out of control on social media. Making your customers feel important is crucial.

To see how social media can benefit your company contact us today. We can tailor a package that will suit your individual needs, providing strategic advice along the way. We help many businesses increase their online presence by developing a new website, maintaining key social media accounts and, creating key word rich informative content to share.

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