North West Remains Powerhouse for UK Manufacturing

Despite uncertain times following the Brexit vote back in June, the manufacturing industry within the UK continues to grow with many calling it the ‘beating heart’ of the nation. Comparing regions of the UK, the North West was found to have the largest manufacturing output with a reported £23.7 billion a year, ranking it higher than the South East (£19.2 billion) and the East of England (£16.7 billion) regions. The largest industries driving this high manufacturing output are chemical, automotive and food manufacturing.

Additionally, manufacturing has a large effect on the North West through the amount of job opportunities the industry provides. The manufacturing industry offers 9.6% of all employment opportunities in the region. Within the 2016/17 period manufacturing in the North West is predicted to have supplies 346,000 jobs, the highest for any region in Britain. On top of this, the average wage has also increased, seeing a 3% rise from values taken in 2013.

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