New Year’s Resolutions for Any Content Marketer

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With the busy festive period behind us, many of us look forward to the year ahead and set resolutions on how we can improve ourselves in 2018. But the ‘New Year New Me’ ethos doesn’t have to just apply to your personal life; it can also be used to help you become a better content marketer. The content marketing landscape continues to change, so it is important to regularly update your approach to ensure maximum engagement with your audience. It is also valuable to take into consideration the predicted marketing trends of 2018, adopting these trends earlier will only benefit your campaigns in the long-run. Our team put together this definitive list of resolutions that any content marketer should be putting into practice for a successful 2018:

  • Find Your Best Channel

One common mistake made by content marketers is the need to upload content to all avenues to attract new audiences. However, it is important to understand which channels audiences are engaging with your content on. Don’t waste your valuable time uploading content to a channel that isn’t reaching your intended audience. For example, from working with a number of manufacturing and engineering companies, Conception understands that certain social media channels such as Snapchat and Facebook would not be beneficial for most of our clients. It is worth trying all avenues in the first instance and reviewing data to assess the best platform for your content.

  • Quality Over Quantity

When trying to upload blog posts and news stories for SEO purposes, many content marketers will upload a large number of posts in an effort to include a wide range of key phrases for search engine algorithms. However, a recent survey carried out by LinkedIn and Buzzfeed found that long-form content was more effective than short blog posts. The survey found that the effectiveness of posts increased when articles were over 1000 words, increasing even further when over 2000 words. This effectiveness has been linked to a larger amount of text to include key phrases in and the opportunity to cover a wider variety of topics when compared to short-form blogs. Try rearranging your content writing schedule to send out longer posts less frequently and see how this influences the effectiveness of your campaigns.

  • Make Sure Content is Mobile Friendly

Over the past few years, the common rule for content that it has to be mobile-friendly. It is becoming evidently clear that this rule should be strictly adhered to by content marketers, especially moving into 2018. It is projected that 2.53 billion people worldwide will own a smartphone and popular social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have noted that 80% of their users access social media using mobile devices. Platforms will continue to evolve throughout 2018, with augmented reality and social video content expected to be incorporated into everyday content marketing projects. Staying ahead of content trends will help demonstrate that your company is innovative and progressive.

  • Employee Sharing to Reach Big Audiences

Conception has found that our clients, especially those working within a business to business environment, often receive large engagement rates when posting content on LinkedIn. Encouraging employees to share content on their own LinkedIn profiles can help to increase the audience which content reaches, dramatically. When sharing content through the employee network, audience size is typically increased by ten times compared to organic reach. The common mistake when uploading great content is not sharing posts through the networks a company has access to, including its employees.

  • Video Can Go Viral

Incorporating video content into marketing campaigns can often seem daunting for businesses, especially for those working within a B2B environment, but it is easier to get right then many may think. A recent survey found that 43% of audiences would like to see more video content, stating they found video more engaging and interesting. Video content doesn’t have to be expensive to produce, using smartphones to capture video and using online video editors can provide a cheap solution. Why not trial video content in 2018, swapping long-form blog articles for dynamic video presentations. Find the right combination for your video content and you could easily see your videos go viral, helping to spread brand awareness for your company.

Conception Marketing is a marketing agency based in Trafford Park, Manchester specialising in providing marketing services to clients in the manufacturing and engineering sectors. Managing both online and offline campaigns, Conception’s team of marketing professionals can help create a marketing strategy for your business to help grow your business and increase sales. Established in 2002, Conception Marketing has assisted a number of businesses with marketing activities including international clients.

Providing a range of digital marketing services, Conception offers support with website design and maintenance, social media management, email marketing campaigns, content writing and search engine optimisation. Conception’s team can also provide support for exhibition design and management, marketing materials design and lead generation and telemarketing projects. With continuous investment into innovation and staff, Conception Marketing has established itself as a leading provider of marketing services in the North West.

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