Now is a good time to look at new markets due to favourable exporting conditions. British exporting companies can reap the benefits from a weaker Pound as a large portion of FTSE 100 companies have large overseas earnings. The benefits of a weaker currency are usually felt in the months after the fall, as companies come out of existing contracts, and demand feeds through. This could mean in the next few months we could see Britain’s export statistics jump favourably.

For British manufacturers, some exciting times may lie ahead, and it is important to ride the wave optimistically. At the end of the day, Brexit is happening whether it suits us or not, so it is good to hear businesses are making the best of the situation, and even using it to their advantage.
Conception Marketing is a business development and marketing consultancy firm specialising in British Engineering, Manufacturing and Technology SMEs.  We offer pragmatic marketing solutions in order to increase sales and profits, making the best of business growth opportunities.

Conception Marketing works with a host of British businesses, and has driven promising sales in favourable and less favourable market conditions, helping companies thrive despite often harsh or uncertain economic conditions.


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