Email Marketing: The Do’s and Don’ts

B2B Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great tool for staying in contact with your existing customers, reaching out to new audiences and advertising your products and services. When used correctly, email marketing can help boost your company while establishing a loyal customer base. Recent reports suggest email marketing is often the most effective form of marketing for SMEs, with 77% of customers favouring permission-based email marketing campaigns over other marketing avenues. This great opportunity can often be misused and can result in customers switching off and even unsubscribing.

Conception wants you to get the most out of your email marketing efforts, here are our do’s and don’ts for a successful email marketing campaign.


  • Find The Best Tools – There are numerous different online tools and software packages to help with your email marketing campaigns. Conception suggests using MailChimp; this operator allows easy database integration, drag-and-drop design features and an easy-to-use-interface. Using email marketing software will help create consistency and ensure campaigns reflect your high-quality
  • Track Your Data – Don’t waste your time sending out email campaigns and not paying any notice to the results you achieve. Looking at the type of email opened and by whom will help you improve your future campaigns. If you see one product receives mass attention from customers, make this a featured product on your website to help increase website traffic. Collect data of customers who opened emails and tailor future campaigns to suit their interests.
  • Always Include Links – Email marketing campaigns should always have a clear goal, a common one is to increase traffic to your website. One method to increase traffic is to include links throughout the email and encourage clicks through call-to-actions like “Find Out More Here” or “Buy Here”. Be careful not to bombard your emails with thousands of links! Use subtle, “hidden” links such as linking pictures or logos to encourage movement from the email to your website.
  • Be Creative – Remember to make your emails visually interesting to look at, if you don’t catch the reader’s attention your email will quickly be sent to the rubbish bin. Use bright colours and high-quality images to draw the viewer through the email. Most email marketing tools now support the use of GIFs, these moving images can help your emails stand out from the crowd. Creating email templates will allow your branding to be consistent throughout all your emails and don’t forget to update your template with new and interesting graphics.
  • Test Before Sending – A common mistake once an email has been drafted is to send it out to clients, make sure you test an email before sending it to your valuable customers. There is nothing worse than an unproofed or broken email cluttering your customers’ inboxes. Most email marketing tools allow a test email to be sent, make sure you check the layout has transferred correctly and all links have been tested before scheduling the campaign to be sent.


  • Send At The Weekend – For B2B email marketing campaigns, sending your campaign at different points during the week can drastically change your opening results. As most businesses operate Monday-Friday, there is no point scheduling emails for the weekend. Also, Monday and Friday are the most common days to be taken as holiday, sending your campaign midweek will result in the best responses. Time of day can also have an impact; Conception suggests sending campaigns in the morning for optimum results.
  • Be Unethical – Recent changes to legislations mean that anyone receiving your email must have given you permission to email them. It must also be simple for recipients of your campaigns to opt-out if the information is no longer applicable to them. Failure to ask permission or provide an easy way to unsubscribe could result in hefty fines and a negative impression for your business.
  • Forget Mobile – The amount of users who are accessing content on their mobile phones and tablets continues to increase. When sending email marketing campaigns, it is important to remember that a large segment of your audience will only view your email this way, so make sure it can be read on all devices. Most email marketing tools will include a mobile version of your campaigns.
  • Harass Your Audience – Once you see the positive response rates from email marketing, it is easy to send multiple emails a month. This can be off-putting for some customers and may result in them unsubscribing. If you need to send multiple emails, try segmenting your audience so emails are only sent to customers who will find the information useful.
  • Have Boring Subject Lines – Having an interesting subject line for an email is the first way of improving the open rate for email marketing campaigns. Using action verbs such as “Look” and “Save” will intrigue viewers and encourage them to find out more. The more eye-catching your subject line the better!

Conception Marketing is a Manchester based marketing consultancy specialising in working with SMEs, in particular those within the manufacturing and engineering sectors. Our marketing team specialise in all digital marketing services including; social media management, website optimisation, search engine optimisation and email marketing campaigns.

With 15 years experience working with clients from a variety of industries, Conception Marketing has become well-established as leading marketing advisors in the North West. Working with your business, Conception’s team of marketing experts can devise a bespoke marketing strategy to suit your businesses needs. Our services also include; exhibition management, market research, sales and business growth support and lead generation.

If you would like help creating and maintaining your email marketing campaigns, contact Conception here or call on 0161 875 2480.

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